Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bedroom Lamps and Fixtures for Reading

Serving as our recluse is our bedroom.  One activity that some of us do before falling in deep slumber is read in which the question of having appropriate lights in the bedroom comes to mind.    

Headboard lamp gives appropriate amount of illumination without bothering to stand up from your bed.  It is near you and within easy reach.

Transportable reading lights set on nightstands offer extensibility allowing you to adjust it in any position that you want.  Ensure that the bulb is properly shielded to avoid disturbing your partner.

Here are the best lighting fixtures for reading in the bedroom.

Brushed Steel Double Arm Lamps are skillfully designed, it provides appropriate lighting while reading.   Arms are adjustable to any angle saving your from doing lots of body movements.   It must be installed on your bedroom wall outlet with a distance of 6 feet.

Clip lamp provides more convenience as it can be positioned anywhere.   It requires no professional in mounting it, as you can easily install it yourself on your bed’s headboard. 

Table Lamps are usually placed on a bedside table or nightstand but should be a little at the back of your head and near the wall. 

Wall sconce lamp is another lighting fixture alternative; install it on the wall to avoid any shadows.

However, with a partner in the bedroom, you need to make adjustments.  Ensure that lighting fixtures will not awaken the other person.  Test the light first prior to finally buying it.   

Get a small table lamp and place it on your side of the bed to take the glow out from your partner.  Make sure that the lamp can be angled where the reader is. 

You can also make use of a 3-way or 2-way bulb floor lamp.  To decrease the intensity of the lights, place a wall ornament just above the reader.  This will direct the light to the reading material instead of to someone.

Finally, make certain that light switches are located at the middle of the headboard.  This will give you ease in turning it off without waking your partner. 

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