Saturday, August 20, 2011

Furniture for Living Room with Brown Colored Walls


Brown represents steadiness and safety. When choosing it as your living room wall color, use its restrained hue such as light tan, mocha and beige.

Reserve the darker hues for your accents and ornaments. Apart from that, the dark hues of brown will make your living room look smaller. Having said that, dark brown must not be used for a small space.


A living room with brown colored walls can be combined with green. You can have one side of your wall pasted with green wallpaper. This combination suggests an earthy look and at the same time is eco-friendly. Both are also a good match for brown wooden furniture.

If a darker shade of brown was used for the walls, have your furniture in pale shades of brown.

Make sure that your living room set has the same shades. This includes not only the sofas and coffee tables but the TV stand and shelves, too.


Furniture in greenish blue or teal is a good match with brown. Use this color for the unfinished fixtures. Sofa cushions must be in identical greenish blue tone. Choose solid teal or brown hued throw pillows.

Furniture in white is another match for the brown- colored walls of your living room.
Should you prefer to have an all-brown living room, choose furniture in chrome and chairs in clear acrylic.


Use beige, white or cream if you want to have a table lamp.

Get brown or blue prints for your curtains or drapes. You can similarly use the neutral shade of cream.

Always have two patterns for your decorations to create more attention and to separate the strong shades of brown. For instance, your rug can have loop patterns.


Mix the various tones of blue such as teal or aqua to the creamy tones of brown. This creates a superb blend.

Use imagination and creativity for your accents and decorations. Use the different hues of brown: dark, middle and the pale hues. However, remember to use the main color for big furniture always.

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