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Pick a Coffee Table for a Modern Living Room

Can you imagine a living room without a nice and good coffee table? Good coffee tables are functional, allowing you to use them to the fullest. Not only can you use them for serving, play board games, or as desk, but you can also use them for storage, too. Build with various designs and styles, you should choose a coffee table based on several factors.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Coffee Table

  • The Budget

Budget is a big factor when choosing a coffee table. Setting a budget includes thinking about your current furniture, accessories, and lighting. It should match the other furniture pieces in your living room, such as your modern couches, chairs, and end tables. It should also blend with the room’s lighting. Remember, whether you get an ultra-expensive or cheap coffee table depends on your budget.

The Shape

The shape is a big factor to consider, particularly if you have kids or pets.

An oval or round-shape table is the best choice if you have kids. Rectangular and square-shaped tables have sharp edges and are dangerous for children and pets. You also need to choose the shape that goes with the other pieces in the room less you ruin the beauty of your living room.

  • The Size

The height is equally important. Measure you measure the height of your couch and the room when choosing the size.

The coffee table’s height should be at least two inches lower than seat part of your sofa. A higher coffee table than the sofa seat would be inappropriate. The standard height and the best choice is around 16-18 inches and pairs well with a regular-sized sofa. Pick a table with a height of 20-21 inches for a higher sofa. If you love to entertain, choose a taller table because this is easier for serving and guests can easily set their plate or glass down.

  • The Material

Coffee tables are made of various types of materials, including wood, brass, steel, glass, metal, glass, and now even concrete! Wood materials vary from oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, pine, and cherry. For a more sophisticated appeal, pick a glass coffee table with steel or brass material. Pick metal to complete your industrial theme. If you like wood coffee tables, pick maple and oak for a more casual feel, but for a more formal feel, go for cherry and walnut. Acrylic coffee tables offer a more contemporary and modern look, giving your room a floating look.

  • The Style

The styles to choose from when choosing a coffee table are formal, informal, modern, rustic, and traditional.

A sleek metal glass top coffee table is a nice choice for a modern look...,

while this Pebble Contemporary LED High Gloss Coffee Table is great for contemporary feel. On the other hand, a round top coffee table with wooden legs suit a romantic ambiance. For an informal country look, pick an oak coffee table. Let the decorating style of the room be your guide when choosing the style of a coffee table.

  • The Scale

The scale is another essential factor. Scale refers to the uniformity of the size and visual weight of the furniture and other items in the room. It is important that every piece in your living room be in the appropriate scale. A large sofa should have a huge coffee table, while a daintier coffee table suits a loveseat or a smaller sofa. Furniture of equal weight and size will be more in proportion with each other.

  • The Functionality

Identifying the function before buying a coffee table is another important factor. Do you need a table for storage, a centerpiece, or accent piece?

Coffee tables have different designs and styles. You can find some with drawers, shelves to enable you to keep everything from a stash of magazines, books, children’s toys, board games, pens, and other small items.

Whether you need storage or not, you still need a coffee table to serve as a serving table for drinks and snacks without the risk of overthrowing them. Pick a table the can hold cups, glasses, and plates steadily.

This Modrest Perlite Modern White Tiered Coffee Table may not be children or pet-friendly because of its sharp edges, but offers great functionality.

Alternatively, if d├ęcor is your priority, then choose a modern coffee table with lines and texture in its material. Make sure you love it, though!

Once you have decided on the above factors, check modern online furniture stores. Make sure you are armed with your list!

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