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Important Tips to Know When Buying Bar Stools


Bar stools will always be a functional piece of furniture. It may be that they were associated with pubs and bars, but modern furniture design has changed that thinking. To date, bar stools are everywhere. You see them in restaurants, modern homes, coffee shops, fast foods, and even in snack bars. Bar stools are the most convenient and practical piece of seating to have in a home with limited space. Before you start shopping for bar stools, check out our tips!


Check the Bar Stool Features

Adjustable Height. Some bar stools are fitted with a hydraulic pump that results inan adjustable seat height. This feature is great because it allows children and adults to use the stool without difficulty.


360-Degree Rotating Facility. With a swivel facility, you can turn from side to side without having to stand up or move the stool. This feature gives you the opportunity to see the face of the person at your back or at your sides without having to strain your neck.


Footrest. Most modern bar stools feature a footrest. This keeps your feet relaxed when seated preventing your feet from dangling and makes it easier to go down the stool.

01_cora_grey_barstool_dsc_5276_copy__1480240924_63601The Materials

The Frame. The common materials used for a bar stool frame includes wood, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, wicker, and plastic. Whatever frame material you choose depends on what appeals to you most. There is no question about durability as all of these materials are excellent! They come in various colors with wood and metal frames offering a variety of finishes. Make sure to choose a frame that blends with your current d├ęcor and matches your current finishes and metal items.


The Seat. The materials used for the bar stool seat includes upholstery (leather or fabric), wood, metal, and wicker. Upholstered bar stool seat is more comfortable.


If you have less time to clean your space, choose low-maintenance bar stools. Those made from wood, metal, leather, and fiber are easy to maintain.



Design and Style

With Arms. Bar stools with arms present a more formal look. Cushioned arms offer the best comfort while those with wood arms assure stand for structure.




Armless. Bar stools without arms are essentially the classic style of bar stools.  These styles are common in bars but are now seen modern homes.


Some people may prefer without arms to that of with arms. It all depends on the user’s preference.


Back Styles. You can choose from stools with a full back, a low back, or a backless style.


The full back style is ideal when sitting for long hours,...


...while the low back style is perfect for a gentle and laid-back feel. Pick the backless style for a casual feel. They are also ideal for a narrow space.


The Bar Stool Height. Don’t forget the bar stool height! Look for a 9 to 13 inches allowance between the stool seat and the bottom of the bar or countertop. The height of the bar table or countertop will be your basis when choosing the bar stool height.


Table bar stools height go from 18 - 23 inches and can take in a 28 - 30 inches surface height.


Bar stools vary in height from 28 to 30 inches and can accommodate a 40 to 42 inches surface height. Restaurants prefer this height of stools.


Counter height bar stools range from 24 to 26 inches and are perfect for a 36 – 39 inches surface height. They are smaller than the typical restaurant or bar stool.


An extra tall height is a good to pair with a 44 to 47 inches surface height because of their 33 to 36 inches height.


Consider the horizontal space around your bar stool. Observe a 6-inch space between stools to prevent banging each other’s elbows and to have enough space when getting off the stool. Add a couple of inches if you are having modern bar stools with arms, though.

1419_bs_yellow_web__1480240544_31645The Style

Consider the style of your home when choosing the bar stool style. This includes the colors and materials that you currently have in your home.


Modern and Contemporary. These bar stools have sleek lines and upholstered seats or molded from wood, metal or plastic.


Industrial. Industrial-styled bar stools is a mixture of form and function. They are a blend of salvaged woods and distressed metals that project a no-nonsense, utilitarian feel.

t_1059cn_brown__1480242378_87671Traditional. Traditional bar stools feature ornate detailing, with curved legs and carvings. They are usually made of dark wood, creating a formal look in any living space.




Explore is the word! Do not be afraid to mix and match. Add a striking contrast by incorporating metal modern bar stools to a predominantly wood bar, kitchen, or in your living space.


Or have a couple of stackable metal bar stools to blend with your modern dining chairs.


Or an all fabric stationary bar stool mixed in a living room with leather upholstered modern sofa set.  You can also pick wood modern bar stools to foster a relaxing nature feel in your high gloss living space.


At LA Modern Furniture, you get a wide variety of modern bar stools that suit any home theme, modern, contemporary or conventional!

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